​​         Chinese Stories in English   

We provide free English translations of Chinese flash fiction, short stories, jokes and newspaper articles; plus links to the Chinese text for language learners, and a blog about the experiences of an FFG (Fat Foreign Guy) in China.

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     FLASH FICTION -- the shortest of short stories, also called one-minute stories or mini-stories 
     SHORT STORIES -- slightly longer than mini-stories, including essays as well as fiction 
     JOKES -- experiments in cross-cultural humor
     NEWS -- Archives only, no recent stories. Mostly from Liuzhou (Leo-JOE), Guangxi, newspapers 
     RECENT POSTS -- announced every ten days (or so) on Twitter 

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     BLOG -- currently inactive; archived posts only

     HINTS -- for using this site to practice your Chinese (or English) reading skills

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If you want to see the original Chinese text of any article but the link is broken or nonexistent, send an email to our librarian at jimmahler1@yahoo.com and we'll be happy to send you a copy.