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Stories by Lao Ma 劳马 (pen name of Ma Junjie 马俊杰), whose reputation as a master of Chinese flash fiction is well deserved. Please note filename changes made to conform to the indexing on the author's website: Former Lao Ma 01 = new Lao Ma A; former Lao Ma 02 = new Lao Ma B; former Lao Ma 03 = new Lao Ma 01.​

Pretty darn good stories by: Page 01, Wan Junhua (万俊华), Yu Tu (余途) and Liu Wufu (刘吾福); Page 02, Liu Wufu (刘吾福) and Liao Yuqun (廖玉群); Page 03, Liang Xianquan (梁闲泉) and Liang Xiaoping (梁小萍).

Excellent stories by: Page 01, Ma Changshan (马长山), Cai Zhongfeng (蔡中锋), Liang Xiaoquan (梁晓泉), et al.; Page 02, Zhang Wei (张维), Li Jiantong (厉剑童) and Jia Shuling (贾淑玲); Page 03, Hurrying Scholar  (赶路秀才), Clear Little Master (清清小主) and Wang Pingzhong (王平中); Page 4, Commoner's Small Talk (凡夫微言), Jiang Yuqiao (蒋玉巧) and Potency of Zhongshan (蒋晓辉); Page 5, Xiao Fuxiang (肖福祥), Li Yuelai (李悦来) and Penicillin (青霉素).

Humorous stories by Pang Qifan (庞启帆), Zhang Jingjuan (张静娟), Fu Xiujuan (付秀娟), Zhang Wei (张炜), Liu Lang (刘浪), Wan Junhua (万俊华), Sun Hao (孙昊), Tang Boniu (唐伯牛), Hao Xiezhen (郝叶蓁), Chen Xinxiang (陈新祥), Chen Binhua (陈彬华), Zhang Kai (张凯), Zhang Guoyong (张国永), Cai Zhongfeng (蔡中锋), Li Hongquan (李洪泉), Higashino Keigo (东野佳语) and others.

Page 04 includes One Gulp Zhen (甄一口) by Feng Jicai (冯骥才).

Entries in the The Fourth World Chinese Same-Topic Flash Fiction Exhibition. Stories from authors who live in Brazil, China, Germany, the United States and other nations.

Rather serious pieces by
Bi Shumin (毕淑敏), Guo Moruo (郭沫若), Sun Li (孙犁),  Zhao Chuangliang (赵创亮), He Liwei (何立伟), Cai Zhongfeng (蔡中锋), Liu Lang (刘浪), Chili Pepper (辣子), Huang Jiansheng (黄建生), Jiang Xiaohui (蒋晓辉), Fu Haoyong (符浩勇), Wu Hongpeng (吴宏鹏), Xie Fengrong (谢丰荣), Qing Fu (青夫), Chen Zhenlin (陈振林), Liu Congjin (刘从进), quycy0cgko, Horizon Visitor (涯客), Self Traveler (自游), Zhao Yanbiao (赵晏彪), Pomegranate An (安石榴), Dai Xi (戴希), Shang Jianli (尚建立), Jiang Xianping (蒋先平), Zheng Yuhuang (郑毓煌) and others.

Interesting views of the people of the Middle Kingdom through slice-of-life vignettes with a heart.

The author's writing skills improve markedly from Page 01 to Page 03.


Three stories by Ci Yuan (茨园)

Including Authors: Ancient Breeze 古来风, Cai Zhongfeng 蔡中锋, Chai Jing 柴静, Chen Jiangong 陈建功, Chen Qiumei 陈秋梅, Chen Ye 陈晔, Chen Yonglin 陈永林, Feng Jicai 冯骥才, Fu Tichang 付体昌, Gao Jianqun 高建群, Hao Lianhui 郝连会, He Xianfeng 贺显峰, Huang Huanzhi 黄焕支著, Huang Ying 黄英, Jiang Xianping 蒋先平, Jiang Zhengwu 蒋争武, Jiang Zilong 蒋子龙, Lin Huayu 林华玉, Ling Dingnian 凌鼎年, Liu Bing 刘兵, Liu Feng 剑锋, Liu Hongqiao 刘洪桥, Liu Lang 刘浪, Liu Xiaobo 刘晓鸥, Liu Zhenyun 刘震云, Lu Haijuan 卢海娟, Lü Ruixian 吕锐先, Lu Zhenhong 鲁振鸿, Luo Yichong 罗义翀, Miao Xiangdong 苗向东, No Need to Add 何必加, Phoenix 凤凰, Sun Shan 孙山, Tan Xu 覃旭, Wang Kuailiang 王会亮, Wang Renshu 王任叔, Wang Shuo 王朔, Wang Yu 王雨, Wei Ruhui 韦如辉, Wei Zhiyuan 魏志远, Wu Laoer 武老二, Wu Yan 吴焱, Xie Qing 解青, Xu Junsheng 徐均生, Xu Xinyang 徐新洋, Yan Ailin 闫爱林, Yu Xidiao 豫西调, Yuan Jun 元军, Zhang Yanxia 张艳霞, Zheng Yunqin 郑允钦, Zhou Hailiang 周海亮, Zhou Haiwen 周海文 and Zhu Xiling 朱西岭, among others.

​​Some clever stories by Bladeless Sword (无刃剑) Cold Month Desolation (冷月潇潇), Music Hall Owner (回乐堂堂主), Crazy Ancient Pride (古傲狂生), and the seemingly out-of-place Ma Changshan (马长山).

Good stories. Chinese text not available online, but book can be ordered online
here (pay in Dollars but impossibly expensive) or here (pay in Yuan), or we will email you copies of individual stories. Edited by Ma Changshan (马长山) and Cheng Siliang (程思良).

Pages 1 and 2 were Fannyi's second experience with Chinese flash fiction. (The first is lost in the mists of time.) He likes those stories very much and finds the ones on pages 3 and 4 disappointing by comparison. These stories are great for practicing Chinese Reading skills.

Mediocre stories by Horizon Visitor 涯客. Great for language learning, short on entertainment value.

Very short stories by the next generation of flash fiction writers. Not the best literature, perhaps, but still some pretty clever stories. Great introduction to contemporary Chinese fiction for language students. Chinese text not available online, but book can be ordered
here or here (both require payment in Yuan), or ask us to email you the individual stories you want to study.

Morally uplifting stories suitable for Reader's Digest.

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