Translation Sites

Google author's name and story title in Chinese to see if Chinese text is available

Renditions Magazine

     Out-of-print issues available free

Marco Polo Museum
    Excellent selection of translated materials

China Digital Times
    Translated News Stories Plus a Lexicon of Interesting Terms

The Guardian
    Translated Short Stories (at bottom of page)

China Smack 
    A Glossary of Chinese slang terms

Yafei Hu
    Translated stories

Chinese Story Online
    Mostly traditional "chengyu" stories

Other Sites of Interest

Liuzhou-Related Sites

Welcome to Liuzhou
    Handy information for living in or visiting the city from long-time resident Liuzhou Laowai
Michael Steverson Photography
    Beautiful photos from an American ex-pat

Liuzhou • China
    Interesting examples of local government propaganda

​​         Chinese Stories in English   


Tour Liuzhou
    Great shots of “minority” people around Liuzhou.

Introduction to Liuzhou
    Narrated by Liuzhou Laowai.

Liuzhou Tourism
    A tourist guide to points of interest in and around the city.


Chinese Literature - A Very Short Introduction, by Sabina Knight