​​         Chinese Stories in English   

Other Sites of Interest


Tour Liuzhou
    Great shots of “minority” people around Liuzhou.

Introduction to Liuzhou
    Narrated by Liuzhou Laowai.

Liuzhou Tourism
    A tourist guide to points of interest in and around the city.

Translation Sites

Marco Polo Project
    Excellent selection of translated materials

China Digital Times
    Translated News Stories Plus a Lexicon of Interesting Terms

The Guardian
    Translated Short Stories

China Smack 
    A Glossary of Chinese slang terms

Yafei Hu
    Translated stories

Chinese Story Online
    Mostly traditional "chengyu" stories

   Chinese Christian writings (citation ≠ endorsement)

Liuzhou-Related Sites

Welcome to Liuzhou
    Handy information for living in or visiting the city from long-time resident Liuzhou Laowai
Liuzhou Laowai Blog
    Liuzhou Laowai in his British curmudgeon persona gives you his views of life in the city

Michael Steverson Photography
    Beautiful photos from an American ex-pat

Liuzhou • China
    Interesting examples of local government propaganda