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February 2018

1. An American Family in Zhuang Country

2. A Foreign PhD Couple at a Songfest

3. Bai Lizhu: Twenty Years in Zhuang Country

August 2012
1. Danger! Frightened People Report "Rape Case"
2. Feigning Homosexuality to Dupe and Rob
3. Gasoline Used as Cooking Oil Starts Big Fire
4. He Harassed Dancing Middle-Aged Ladies
5. Man Kills Girlfriend on Impulse
6. Man Uses Bike as Bed
7. "Mini-Message" Pervert Rapes Maiden
8. Aqua-Monster? Over 1,000 Kilos?
9. Is the Old Fellow Stealing a Ride?
10. She Bought Meds, But Client was Gone

October 2012
1. Rustling Cattle by Force on the Expressway
2. Disturbed Woman Blocks Traffic
3. Husband and Wife Fight, About to Ignite Gas
4. Li Na Visits Fantastic Stones Display
5. He Discovers His Neighbor is a Thief
6. Spends Holiday Break Fighting Thieves
7.Words Diffident, Behavior Unchanging
8. Urban Control Theater –The Story of A-Mao

December 2012 through January 2013
1. Man Beats and Injures Another, Flees in Car
2. Thieves Attempt to Bribe Traffic Cop
3. Some Busses on Way to Fair Overloaded
4. Didn't Like Dinner, Smashed Up Household
5. Jealousy & Hate Re Neighbor's Fortune
6. Net Safety Depends on Government "Escort"
7. Woman Denied Marriage License, Sues
8. Good Samaritan at ATM Gets Scammed

March 2013
1. Man Can't Find Girlfriend, Starts Fire
2. Man Lays Down Drunk in Public Bus
3. Rift Appears in "Extramarital Affair"
4. Why Men Like to Fondle Breasts
5. 15-Year-Old Girl Elopes with Net Buddy
6. Matchmaker Tricks Young Pair
7. Man Mistakes Stranger for "Two-Timer"
8. Peddler Wields Knife on Urban Control
9. Scorned Woman Loses Control on Street
10. Granny Climbs Tree, Falls to Death

May 2013
1. Beautiful Girl Sets Up "Wine Server" Scam
2. Gaokao Murders: Judge Murdered in Henan
3. Lady Meets "Hunk", Gets Savagely Beaten
4. Prowling Thieves Caught in the Act
5. Woman with Problems Walks into River
6. Shoplifter Leaves His Scooter Behind

July 2013
1. Cop Poses as Sexpot, "Hooks" Suspect
2. Cops in Accident, One Dead One Injured
3. Drunk "Soaks" Women, Gets Beaten
4. Everyone Ignores Fallen Senior
5. Graduation Party" Actually Revenge Ploy
6. Honking Horn Provokes a Beating
7. "Big Man" Loses Face Big Time
8. Proof of Health to Ride Train? New Scam!

September 2013
1. Danish Tourist Gets Sick, Falls
2. Body Floats up in Fish Peak Lake
3. Girlfriend Refuses to Open Door, Gets Beaten
4. Homicide in Gubu Shopping Center
5. Court Makes House Call for Divorce
6. Husband Beats Wife, Different Dialects
7. Notes Rain from Sky "Please Call Cops"
8. Scooter Carrying 10,000 in Cash Stolen

January to February 2014
1. Salon Girl Soliciting Business Too Rude
2. Workers Chase Contractor to Demand Pay
3. Police Investigation Solves Murder Case
4. Locals Complain to Hotline
5. Police Intervene in Hospital Fraud Case
6. Drunk Tractor Driver Kills Man
7. Meets One Lover while with Another
8. Five Hundred Yuan Lost in Scam
9. One Dead, One Injured in Stabbing

​​May to July 2014
1. Men Get Prison for Operating Gambling Den
2. "Crazed Man" Crashes Vehicle, Arrested
3. Three Ingénues Take Drugs, Land in Jail
4. Hit-and-Run Driver Must Pay Damages
5. Urban Control Clears Illegal Garden
6. Job Fair Held in Liuzhou
7. Minors Hire Hookers
8. Road Rage Results in Knifing
9. Dancing Aunties Fight over Territory
10. Locals Complain to Hotline
11. People Watching World Cup Get Rowdy

September to December 2014
1. Worker Tricks Boss, Recovers Back Pay
2. Man Ignores Son Because of Divorce Grudge?
3. Real Estate Sales Facilitator Robbed
4. Honest Girl Turns to Drug Dealing
5. Liuzhou Guerrillas in Anti-Japanese War
6. No Chinese Allowed in Store
7. Man Convicted of Selling "Poison Tofu"

8. Man Posting Flyers Spoils for Fight

September to December 2015
1. Lecher Photographs Beauty's Thighs
2. Card Room Becomes Gambling Den
3. Young Couples' Rules for Happy Marriage
4. Mortgage Slaves' Stories
5. Man Goes Shopping in Underwear

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July 2012
1. Age Muddled, Insurance Card Won't Swipe
2. Dad Finds Courage Gets a Cold Shoulder
3. Homosexual Affair Frustrating!
4. A Dead Woman by the Tracks?
5. Lingshan Man in Jealous Rage
6. Joke Gets Out of Hand
7. Liuzhou Boy Hit and Killed
8. 90-Plus-Year-Old Man Falls in River
 9. Package Says Chicken Wings
10. Claims to be Major Case Squad Policeman
11. Stealing an Umbrella is a Downer!
12. Ten Bucks Destroys a Love Affair

September 2012
1. Good Deed Leads to Being Conned
2. Man Backs Up Over Drinking Buddy
3. Old Man Slips, Sits Paralyzed Several Hours
4. Ticket Buying Scam to Rip-Off Baggage
5. This Lady's Really Out of Luck
6. This Guy is Really Unlucky

November 2012
1. Thief Enters Police Station to Avoid Inspection
2. Liuzhou Man's Bankbooks Sprout Wings
3. Burglary Without Stealing Anything But A Dog
4. Senior Falls For "Secret Formula" Fake Medicine
5. Vice Mayor Hears Complaints and Petitions
6. Worker Relies on Familiar Face to Scam
7. Man in Multi-level Marketing Scam
8. Furtively Peddling Money
9. Man with Sword Demands Money
10. Thought He Got Lucky with "Beauty"
11. Whose Money Is It? Hurry and Claim It!

February 2013
1. Man Poisoned Burning Charcoal at Home
2. Chinese Students Rescue U.S. Schools
3. Guangxi Distillery Closes for Reorganization
4. Liuzhou: Kids Blow Up Fish Tank for Kicks
5. Italian Girl Enjoys Year in Liuzhou
6. Drunk Blows Top, Grabs Knife
7. Steel Pipe Drops, Injures Worker
8. Same Sex Love Should Be Respected

April 2013
1. One Bureau Sets Up 8 Offices
2. Con to Trade "Pearls" for "Fish Eyes"
3. Woman Cut During Manicure Fears Infection
4. Wife Has Husband Beaten for His Bad Driving
5. Follow Up: Office Signs Changed
6. Man Dies by Cultural Palace Door
7. Ogre Beats Woman, Kicks Car
8. Woman Videoed Going to Bathroom

June 2013
1. Drowned Boy's Body Pulled from Water
2. Rustler and Murderer Sentenced to Death
3. Playing Tricks in Divorce Dispute
4. Wife Runs Off, Man Loses Job
5. Police Use "Eye in Sky" to Find Lost Child
6. Husband is a Gambler, Wife Is a Jumper
7. Adopted Chinese Girl Looks for Relatives
8. "Mike Hog" Starts Fight at Party
9. Couple Outwits Purse Snatcher
10. Claiming "Hot Goods" to Sell Fakes

August 2013
1. Addict Smashes Truck Windows to Steal Tools
2. 11-Year-Old Forced to Steal, Instigators Escape
3. Hooker Calls Cops When John Refuses to Pay
4. Security Guard Accosts Girl in Stairwell
5. Help Me, Help Yourself to 6 Years Hard Time
6. Late Night Fight Over Girlfriend?
7. Passing Car Starts Fight
8. Man Scolded by Girlfriend Stabs Self
9. Man Beats Wife for Talking Too Much
10. They Used Weapons to Help Friend

October through December 2013
1. Police Crack Broad Daylight Robbery
2. Can Children Enter KTV with Parents?
3. Men Armed with Knives Collect Debt
4. Hundred-Year-Old Falls in Street
5. Girlfriend Mistaken for "Swindler"
6. Rebuffed Playboy Beats Masseuse
7. Neighbors War over a Sliver of "Sunlight"
8. Teacher Strikes Child, School Pays

March to April 2014
1. Cadres Can't Be "Migratory Birds"
2. Child Trafficking? False Alarm!
3. "Meat Dog" Actually Neighbor's Pet
4. Mother Wants to Divorce Daughter
5. Homeowner Fears Poisoning
6. Woman Attacked, Brings Perp to Justice
7. Thoughts Occasioned by Female Robbers

August 2014
1. Cutthroat Kills Woman, Attempts Suicide
2. Wife Can't Stand Domestic Violence, Leaves
3. Driving ¥100K Car to Steal Beans
4. Stolen Phone Sends Back Evidence
5. Kids Renounce Inheritance, Avoid Debts
6. Passenger Carries Live Snakes on Plane

7. Man Steals Cab to Catch Train

January to August 2015
1. Woman "Exposes" Lower Body to Beat Heat
2. Granny Falls Near Car in "Bump China" Scam
3. City Opens "Watermelon Poisoning" Drill
4. Drunk and Has E-Bike Stolen, Gets It Back
5. Identical Names Lead to Lawsuit
6. Lovers Make Fuss about Breaking Up
7. Man Steals Sausages for Mother-in-Law
8. Teacher Shortage in Rural Schools
9. Stupid Thief Stories

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