​​         Chinese Stories in English   

1. Morning Exerciser

      When Bart tipped the scales at a full two hundred pounds, his wife could no longer stand it. She issued an ultimatum: If he didn't lose some weight, the two of them would get divorced. There was nothing for it, so Bart made up his mind to shed some pounds.
      Every morning he got up bright and early at four o'clock. He'd jog east out of his neighborhood to the bridge across the river and then return, a distance of about five miles. It'd be almost seven o'clock before he got back to the community. His wife would be awake by the time he got home and washed up, and the two of them would have breakfast together. Then Bart would leave for work at a factory.
      He went jogging like this for more than a month until, one day, he happened to hear a neighbor say that there was another man in the community who also liked to exercise in the mornings. Like Bart, this fellow went out for a run early every morning.
      Bart wondered : “If this guy and I both get up early to do morning exercises,” Bart wondered, “why have I never run into him?” The neighbor told Bart that the man always left for his jog at about 6:30 and headed west. The two of them probably hadn't run across each other because they went in different directions.
      One day, as usual, Bart got up at precisely four o'clock and jogged out of the neighborhood, but after a few hundred meters he got careless and injured his foot. He had to go back the way he’d come. He looked at his watch as he limped back into his neighborhood -- it was only five o'clock.
      As soon as he entered his neighborhood, Bart saw someone running out. He called out to the guy, "Hey, I think they were talking about you. Why are you so early today?" The man ignored him and kept running.
      His wife was already awake and was sitting at the head of the bed when Bart got home. There were beads of sweat on her forehead as though she’d just had a nightmare. Bart smiled and told her, "There’s a man in our neighborhood who wakes up early for morning exercises like me. I don't know what happened today, but he was an hour and a half earlier than usual. Oh, right, the funny thing is, he was only wearing a pair of shorts!"
      "Why did you come home so early?” his wife asked softly. “Come on, hop back in bed and grab some more shut-eye!"
      Bart was sound asleep before long. His wife got out of bed surreptitiously, groped around under the bed and got something hidden there, then opened the window and threw it out.
      It was a pair of men’s trousers.

Forest of Laughs Magazine, 2014-05, p. 1
2. A Dauntless Lady Driver

      My wife rarely touched a steering wheel after she got her driver's license. I was lucky enough to enjoy her acting as my chauffeur once during this time, and it was like watching a thriller road movie. She hardly ever looked at the rearview mirror, went through intersections as fast as lightning and slammed on the brakes when stopping.... Bottom line, she didn't drive for a long time after that.
      One day, on a whim, she asked me to take her out to practice driving. She said she’d drive to and from work from then on. I knew it would be irresponsible to practice driving on the roadway, though. It’d be a danger both to myself and to others, so I got the idea to take her to the driving school venue to practice. In less than half an hour there, she killed the engine seven times, hit a pole five times and scraped the curb three times.... And then someone shouted at us, "Where’d you two come from? Why’d you come here to practice driving? Who gave you permission? Get out of here right now!"
      I was getting angry, so I pulled my wife out of the car and told the guy, "Look, this is your student from last year. With her ability, you had some nerve letting her pass. Do you have any sense of responsibility? We came here now so I could give her a supplemental lesson. You should thank me." As it was, the old fellow had been my wife's instructor at the time. I looked daggers at him, and he turned around and walked away without saying a word.
      When we got home, I told my wife in no uncertain terms, "No more practice driving. You’ve got smarts, but you’re no good at driving. If you insist on keeping this up, maybe one day we’ll have a big fight and it’ll really hurt our relationship, eh!"
      She replied nonchalantly," If you won't practice with me, I’ll ask Young Zhang to do it."
      "Young Zhang? Young Zhang who?"
      "He’s a new graduate student in our unit. He’s not only highly educated, but is a good driver, too. The most important thing is that he’s very patient with me. He’s suggested taking me out to practice several times!"
      "Okay, forget I said anything. We’ll practice some more tomorrow."
      After we’d been hard at it for a week, my wife had finally made great progress, so I thought she could go out on the road alone. I urged her to keep an eye on her surroundings while driving, to listen to everything going on around her, and to be prepared to deal with any emergency at any time. She said, “No problem.”
      When I got home that evening, I asked her right away if things had gone smoothly. “Yeah, pretty smooth,” she replied. “It's just that some cars were coming head on at me when I entered the gate at work. Logically, I should’ve backed up, but I faced off against them for a while. "
      "What happened next? " I asked.
      "Next? Well, on a narrow road the bravest one wins! I pulled up in front of the first car and told the driver, ‘You guys can get going if someone will back up my car. Or you can do whatever you want.’ So, naturally, the driver helped me back up my car. And he kept saying, “Thank you!’"
      "Okay, as resourceful as you are, I absolutely won’t have to worry about you driving on your own from now on!”

Forest of Laughs Magazine, 2014-05, p. 4
3. Elite among drivers
Text by Chen Wanchuang

        Big Li was a driver with the Universal Strength Freight Company. He recently resigned.
        One day Big Li ran into Rocky Chen, a high school classmate of his. Rocky is a vice president of Wealthy China Logistics Company. After learning what was happening with Big Li, his eyes lit up and he said, "What a coincidence. My company is looking to hire drivers right now. You can give it a shot."
        Wealthy China Logistics Company is a large enterprise and there's a lot of competition for jobs. When Big Li thought about the short length of his experience as a driver, he wasn't sure of his chances. With Rocky Chen's introduction, though, he might get lucky. And sure enough, he did get hired.
        And so Big Li made a point of visiting Rocky and taking him a box of gifts to thank him for his help. Rocky said, "You don't have to thank me, Big Li. You got on with our company solely because you're a capable fellow, no less qualified that any of the others." Big Li felt that was strange and asked, "But I don't have much experience and they'd all been driving for eight or ten years, so how could I compare with them?"
        "You had to work more than ten hours a day at Universal Strength," Rocky replied. "You didn't work there a long time, but since it was so intense, the time you actually spent driving wasn't short at all."
        That made sense, but Da Li thought some more and said: "No, even if that counted as a few extra years of driving experience, there were still many applicants with more. How can that be explained?"
        Rocky smiled slightly and said, " Universal Strength isn't very efficient, financially speaking, and they cut back on truck maintenance to save as much overhead as they can. Right?"
        Big Li thought about it and replied, "That really is true. Our truck's gas pedals were loose, the brakes weren't reliable and the gears were hard to shift. Besides that, the cabs would start shaking nonstop whenever you turned on the ignition!"
            Rocky slapped his thigh. "Think about it," he said. Would it be easy for a driver to drive a broken-down cargo truck reliably? To tell you the truth, Universal Strength drivers are lucky if they can go a year without an accident; if they can go two years without any accidents, they're the best of the best; and you worked there three years without an accident, didn't you?"

Forest of Laughs Magazine, 2014-05, p. 5
4. A Trick Learned
Author: Little Moppet

      Flier Liu and his girlfriend Fragrant had come to a restaurant for dinner. A woman was sitting beside them. Halfway through the meal, they saw a brawny bald man steal a handbag from the woman's side.
      Just as Flier was about to say something to alert the woman, the brawny man suddenly turned his head and shot him a murderous look. Flier gulped back his words and the brawny man walked quickly to the door. The woman turned her head just in time to see the thief walking out with her bag and shouted anxiously, "Stop thief!"
      Surprisingly, none of the thirty or forty people in the room stood up. Fragrant rolled her eyes, waved her hands in the direction of the counter and shouted, "Boss! The guy who just left seems to have skipped out without paying his bill."
      The proprietor got excited and shouted, "Get him! Help me get him!" As soon as he shouted out, several male waiters rushed out like the wind. Before long, they caught the thief and brought him back. Flier was overcome with admiration for Fragrant.
      Over a month later, Flier went to another restaurant for dinner and happened to see the bald thief stealing a girl's mobile phone. The girl noticed her phone was gone but didn't know what had happened. Flier raised his arm and pointed at the bald thief as he was leaving. The girl got up to give chase, but Flier reached out and stopped her. "Waiter," he shouted calmly, "that man seems to have skipped out without paying his bill."
      Surprisingly, the waiter ignored him. Flier thought the waiter hadn't heard him, so he raised his voice. "The guy who just left didn't pay his bill. Hurry, go get him!"
      This time the waiter responded and said, "This is a KFC! You pay before you get your food."
      Flier was stumped. He knew he'd screwed up. His trick hadn't worked and the thief had gotten clean away because of the delay. Seeing that the girl hadn't budged, Flier was about to chase after the guy, but the girl unexpectedly grabbed his shirt and yelled, "I'm not letting you get away!"
      Flier was frantic. "Let go! I'll get that thief for you!"
      The girl sneered, "You've gotta be his accomplice! You stopped me just now to shield him while he escaped..."

Forest of Laughs Magazine, 2014-05, p. 10
5. Cell Phone Nicknames
Text by Luo Mingqiang, Gao Jiasuo

      I saved my mother-in-law's name as "Zhou the Skinner" on my mobile phone. One day, while we were out shopping together, her cell phone happened to run out of power and she wanted to borrow mine. Naturally I'd rather die than let her, which astonished her.

      A buddy of mine changed his wife's name to "Vampire". I asked I asked for an explanation and his answer was, "She spends my money every day. If that isn't a blood-sucker, what is?"

      I was discussing cell phone nicknames on the internet when a netizen suggested, "If you have a very good friend of the opposite sex, it's advisable to name him or her '10086'. Even if your husband or wife is present when your friend calls, they won't see anything wrong -- you'll be the master."

      When we were going together, a girlfriend took my cell phone and changed her name to "Mouse" Then she changed my name to "Rice" on her own phone. I was secretly happy, thinking she was referring to the famous song "Mice Love Rice". I never thought that her interpretation was "Mice Eat Rice".

      One day at home, my younger sister couldn't find her cell phone and asked me to call her on mine. Twenty seconds later, I heard a soft, sexy voice answer: "Elder Tang..."

      I once met a girl at a dinner party. She had names like "Half Liter", "Eight Ounces", "Liter and a Half", and "Oceanic Amount" on her cell phone. When I asked, it turned out that she named different boyfriends by how much booze they could hold. That girl was very talented, more so than most.

      The most heartless person I've known was a brother in the same dorm at college. Before they broke up, his name on his girlfriend's cell phone was "He". After the breakup, she renamed him "It". Good Lord!

      Now I've discovered that I'm "1 Husband " on my wife's cell phone. I asked angrily, "You mean you have other husbands?" She answered softly, "Only number one can be first on my contacts list."

      Instead of a ring tone, I've had a voice function for incoming calls on my cell phone since it was updated. I never tire of it. I changed my wife's name to "Little Lady Petitions the King", and then I changed mine to "The Edict Says". We have fun calling each other when we have nothing better to do. Feels great!

      Once when I got drunk in a bar, one of my buddies played a dirty trick on me. He changed his name on my cell phone to my first love's name. After he escorted me home, he called to see how I was doing. I'd already passed out by then, so naturally my wife answered the phone. My buddy hung up as soon as she spoke. He called again a half hour later and still didn't say anything. The bottom line is, I got punished by having to sleep on the sofa the whole long winter.

      I live in a very old neighborhood. A shop selling stinky tofu has been there hundreds of years. The taste is very authentic, so I've saved its phone number for takeout. My wife knows I love the stuff and she saved the number on her phone, too. She was afraid she'd forget the name, though, so she typed in the number and called it "Stinkiest".

      "Superman in Shorts", "Ariamka", "Snow White", "Bikini"... These nicknames are all stored on my wife's cell phone contacts list. She's a shopaholic, so naturally, her phone contains the numbers of various stores. It's hard to remember so many and she just lists the name of the store so that she can be notified when new products come in.

      That's right, I've been given the name "Monster Pub" in my young nephew's cell phone, which is also the name of a sex toy for women. One day, while he was playing games, I saw that his nickname for my wife is "Ultraman", the violent, homicidal megalomaniac of the comics -- What a "loving cup" (which is internet slang, a homophone for "tragedy")!

      I've discovered that there's a common nickname -- Empress Dowager, which is always given to one's mother. It turns out that, even if he's married and has children of his own, the old lady is still the absolute authority in her son's eyes.

Forest of Laughs Magazine, 2014-05, p. 10
6. Drunkard Jokes
Editor-Translator Sun Kaiyuan

He Thought He Was Lame
      A drunk was staggering down the street with one foot on the curb and the other on the roadway. A policeman stopped him and said, "Let me take you home. You're drunk."
      "How do you know I'm drunk?" the drunk responded.
      "Of course you are. You don't even know where to put your feet when you're walking."
      The drunk looked down and considered his legs carefully. "Thank heavens," he sighed. "I thought I'd gone lame."
Drowning His Sorrows
      Two sedans brushed up against each other at an intersection. Neither driver could get out of their vehicle. One of them took a bottle of booze out of his pocket." Hey, you're too shook up," he said to the other driver. "Here, have a drink to settle your nerves."
      "Thanks." The other driver accepted the bottle and took a healthy swig. "Come on, you have one, too," he said, handing the bottle back.
      "Oh, I think not," the first driver said. "At least, I don't think I'll have a drink before the cops get here.
Looking at a Wall
      Two drunks were driving home. On the way one of them exclaimed, "Gina, look out for that wall. Look…." All she heard was a loud crash as they hit the wall.
      In the hospital the next day, the first drunk complained to Gina, "You're really dumb. I told you to look out for that wall and you didn't react."
      "Think again," Gina answered. "You were the one driving, weren't you?"
A Limit to His Drinking
      A drunk walked into a bar and ordered a drink. When he finished it, he rummaged through his pocket and looked at something before ordering another. When he finished that one, he again looked at something in his pocket and then ordered a third. The barkeep asked him, "Why do you always look in your pocket every time you order a drink?"
      "I've got a picture of my wife in there," he answered. "When I've had enough that she starts looking good, I have to go home."
Mistaken Identity
      A man had been drinking in a bar for several hours and had had a bit too much when he mentioned that his girlfriend was in a car outside. The barkeep was quite concerned because it was cold out, so he immediately went to find her, but when he looked in the girl's car, he discovered her making out with the drunk's friend, Dave. He shook his head and went back to the bar.
      He told the drunk that he should go out and take a look at his girlfriend. The drunk staggered out to the car and of course saw Dave and his girlfriend kissing. He was laughing when he went back inside.
      "What's so funny," the barkeep asked him.
      The drunk laughed out loud. "That dumb Dave, he's so drunk he thinks he's me!"
Crazy Drunk
      In a bar one evening, a drunk ordered the barkeep, "A round for the house, and one for yourself, too." The barkeep did as he was told and then said to the drunk, "All together, that'll be $37.50, please." When the drunk replied that he didn't have any money, the barkeep knocked him flat on the floor and dragged him outside.
      The drunk came in again the next evening and again ordered drinks for everyone, including the barkeep. When the barkeep presented the bill, he once again said he had no money. Once again, the barkeep beat him and threw him out.
      The drunk showed up on schedule the third evening. This time he ordered drinks for all the customers but not for the barkeep. "Why not one for me?" the barkeep asked.
      "Uh, no. You get crazy drunk when you've had one too many."
Freely Given Confession
      John and his wife Jessica were driving home from a bar one night when they were stopped by a policeman. The cop told John he had pulled them over because their taillight wasn't working.
      "Sorry officer," John explained, "I didn't know. I'll have it fixed right away."
      Then Jessica said, "I knew we'd get fined. I told you to get it fixed two days ago."
      The cop had John take out his driver's license. He looked at it and said, "Your license has expired, sir."
      "I told you it was expired two weeks ago," Jessica said, "but you wouldn't listen."
      It made John really mad to have his wife blurt that out right in front of the cop. "Do me a favor and shut your trap, Jessica," he yelled at her.
      The cop leaned toward Jessica and asked, "Does your husband always talk to you like that?"
      "No," she said. "Only when he's drunk."
Happiness is Helping People
      A man was walking home one night when he noticed a drunk lying by a building. With good intentions, he asked the guy, "You live upstairs?"
      "Yeah", the drunk replied.
      "Need me to help you get up there?"
      So he took the guy by the arm and helped him up the stairs.
      When they got to the second floor, the man pointed to the first door and asked the drunk, "Is this where you live?"
      He opened the door, pushed the drunk in and headed back downstairs, where he again discovered a drunk. He asked, "You live upstairs?"
      "You need me to take you to your room?"
      So he took the guy upstairs, opened the door and pushed him inside, then headed back downstairs. To his surprise, he once again found a drunk lying there. He walked over, but the drunk immediately stood up when he saw the man coming. He staggered up to a cop and yelled, "Help me, officer! This guy has done nothing all night except drag me upstairs, over and over again, just to set me free in the elevator."
The Dancing Duck
      The proprietor of a circus walked into a bar. He saw the customers all standing around a table watching a performance. There was a clay pot fastened upside-down on the table, and a duck was dancing on the pot. The circus proprietor thought that was really a rare sight, so he searched out the duck's owner, who was drunk, and offered to pay good money for the magical bird. After negotiating a price, he paid one thousand US dollars for the duck and the pot.
      Three days later the circus proprietor came back to the bar, mad as hell. He found the guy who'd sold him the duck and shouted at him, "This duck is a waste! I put it on that pot to dance in front of the entire audience, but it wouldn't dance one step!"
      "Really," the seller said. "Did you remember to light a candle under the pot?"
A Neutron Enters a Bar
      A neutron ran out of a physics lab and went into a bar. "Gimme a beer," it said. The barkeep poured it one at once.
      "How much for the beer?" the neutron asked.
      "For you," the barkeep replied, "in view of your weight, it's absolutely free."
Have You Been Drinking?
      A cop stopped a speeder and asked the driver to get out of the vehicle. The cop looked over the guy's face and said, "I see your eyes are bloodshot, sir. Is it because you've been drinking?"
      The driver, feeling no pain, asked the cop, "My dear officer, I see your eyes are bloated. Have you been eating greasy donuts?"
The Last Round
      A man walked into a bar one evening and ordered a drink. When he finished it, he ordered another. It went on like that for nineteen rounds, and the barkeep was getting a bit worried. "Is anything wrong?" he asked the man.
      "I had a fight with my wife," the man replied. "She promised to pay no attention to me for a month."
      After thinking it over, the barkeep encouraged the man, "If she doesn't pay any attention to you, aren't you more free?"
      "Yeah, but the month's up tomorrow."

Forest of Laughs Magazine, 2014-05, p. 12
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7. Smart Monkey
by Wang Xiangying

      Mike's pet isn't a dog or a cat. It's a very intelligent monkey named Coles. Coles is not only able do anything ordinary monkeys can do, but is also able to do things that ordinary monkeys can't. And he does them remarkably well.
      Coles wasn't born smart, of course. He was just an ordinary pet monkey at first. Later, when Mike went to a friend’s place to hang out, he noticed they had a monkey in the house that could play the piano like a human. Mike decided to train Coles to be a piano-playing monkey, too, and started his own training program. Coles didn't like the idea and thought it would be OK if he just faked it enough to make his master happy. getting a few lashes from Mike's belt, though, he realized Mike was serious about it. Within half a year, he'd learned to play several different pieces of music.
      Mike was very proud and bragged about Coles' talent far and wide. People looked at him with envy, but after a while, he started to frown. It seems that while Mike was bragging about his pet one day, the guy next to him said in a disdainful tone, "Play the piano? What  kind of talent is that? The senior Bush's family has a monkey that can talk!" Mike overheard him. He learned that Bush Senior's family did indeed have a smarter monkey, one who could really say a few simple words like "thanks", "sorry" and "hello". Mike, who wanted to do better than that, secretly decided to teach Coles to speak!
      After a while, a long while this time, and after Coles had endured more whippings from Mike's belt, the monkey eventually learned to speak. What's more, he knew a greater number of words, and even some short sentences weren't beyond his ability. This led to much public discussion, so a lot of people came to know that Mike had a talking monkey.
      Mike still wasn't satisfied. He wanted to train Coles to be the smartest monkey in the world. And so, next, he trained Coles to walk on two legs, to wear clothes and shoes, and even to sit at the dinner table like a human being and eat Western food…. Everyone in town said Coles was the smartest pet in the world.
      When the quadrennial competition for the world's smartest pet was about to begin, Mike decided to enter Coles.
      The first act to come onto the stage when the competition started was a pet cat led by its owner. The owner began dancing a tango to the accompaniment of intense music, and the cat crawled around between the owner's legs as if they were dancing as a couple. They immediately received a warm ovation.
      Next came a dog. It looked just like an ordinary dog, but it had an extraordinary ability -- it could solve math problems. When the owner asked it what two plus three equaled, it barked five times without hesitation; and when the owner asked what was seven minus three, it barked four more times. The applause from the audience sounded like thunder.
      Mike sneered to himself, "Such a simple little trick and they dare show it off on stage?"
      Then it was Coles' turn to appear. He came on stage walking upright in a Western-style suit, shiny leather shoes, and a top hat. And he was wearing sunglasses. He first bowed to the judges and the audience, then walked over to a piano and played Für Elise emotionally with his white-gloved "hands". Unexpectedly, his outstanding performance elicited only sparse applause from the audience, and no rousing cheers.
      Mike, standing offstage, thought that was incredible, and the judges also looked incredulous. After a while, one of the judges asked Coles: "Sir, your costume is quite appropriate, and you play that music beautifully, but we have a question. We're here to judge the smartest pet in the world. What are you doing here?"

Forest of Laughs Magazine, 2014-05, p. 19
8. The Novice
Text by Zhang Yangfa

      Young Wang couldn't wait to buy a new car as soon as he got his driver's license. He drove it to and from work every day.
      One afternoon, Young Wang got a phone call from his father in his hometown. His father said that Young Wang's grandfather was critically ill and might be at death's door.
      The old man wanted to see his grandson one last time before he died. Young Wang's father wanted him to come home immediately to fulfill the old man's last wish. He told Young Wang repeatedly that his grandfather had said he should come right away, because if he delayed, it might be too late.
      Young Wang left for home in his car without delay. He had two ways he could go: the national highway, a longer route and more time-consuming, or the expressway, a shorter route that would save time. Since he was a novice driver, regulations prohibited him from driving on the expressway alone -- he would have to be accompanied by someone in the passenger seat who had more than three years driving experience. He wanted to get home as soon as possible, though, so that the grandfather who'd always loved him could depart this world with no regrets. He thought about it, and then in desperation turned the steering wheel and drove onto the expressway. He was constantly anxious driving on that road, afraid the traffic police would catch him.
      Fortunately, he got all the way to his exit without getting stopped. He felt quite smug as he paid the toll, rolled up his window and drove off. Right away, though, a policeman unexpectedly sped up to him and pulled him over. "Please let me see your driver's license, sir."
      Young Wang was stunned. He hadn't expected that he could pass completely by ninety-nine exits only to stumble at the last moment.
      But there was nothing he could do! He had no choice but to take out his driver's license obediently and accept his punishment.
      But Young Wang really couldn't figure out how this cop had known he was a new driver. He had to ask, "Sir, I didn't violate any traffic rules, so how did you know I'm a novice?"
      The policeman laughed loudly. "Look at you, driving in broad daylight with your high beams on constantly. I could tell at a glance that whoever was driving this car had just gotten his license."

Forest of Laughs Magazine, 2014-05, p. 7
9. A Crazy Old Lady
Editor-Translator Pang Qifan

      An old lady went to pick up her car from the parking lot, carrying a big bag and a small bag. When she got there, she found four young men with their hair dyed many colors sitting in her car. She thought to herself, "You think you're going to steal my car? No way!" She was in good shape despite being nearly seventy years old. She dropped her bags, took out a pistol that she carried for self-defense, pointed it at the young men in the car and shouted, "Get out or I'll shoot!"
      "Don't shoot! Don't shoot!" the young men shouted. They climbed out of the car and ran off. "You guys are smart to hightail it," she thought as she waved her gun at the young men's backs. "This old lady isn't so easy to bully!"
      She put the gun away, took out her keys and went to open the trunk so she could load her bags inside. The key wouldn't open the trunk, though. She was mystified, and when she looked around, what she saw was so startling that her eyes almost popped out. In a parking space over ten meters away, her car, which was exactly the same as the one in front of her, was quietly waiting for her!
      "Oh, God! What have I done!" She plopped to the ground on her butt. Some bystanders who'd been watching understood what had happened. One of them said, "Ma'am, I think you'd better go to the police station and explain things clearly. Otherwise, there'll be trouble."
      "Yes, I should go explain to the police." The old lady picked herself up, retrieved her bags from the ground and walked quickly to her car.
      She got to the nearest police station a few minutes later. When she walked into the duty room, she saw the four pale and trembling young men. One of them was telling a policeman, "You've got to help us, Officer. A few minutes ago, a crazy old lady pulled a gun on us and stole our car."

Forest of Laughs Magazine, 2014-05, p. 17


7. Smart Monkey
8. The Novice
9. A Crazy Old Lady

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