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1. Entered Police Station to Avoid Vehicle Inspection
Man Caught Red-Handed Getting Car Next Day

Reporter Li Lan, Correspondent Zhang Xiaofu, Dispatch to the Evening News
      A man encountered a roadside vehicle safety inspection. Surprisingly, with a turn of the steering wheel, he went and parked in the South-Central Police Station [courtyard] on the side of the road, then climbed over the wall and ran away. Yesterday, he quietly went to the Police Station to get the car, but the officers were ready for him. They detained him, and if he tried to leave this time it would not be so easy….
      On the 15th at about 9:00 p.m., the Traffic Police were inspecting vehicles at the entry to West Riverbank Road under the Red Light Bridge. At that time a male driving a small vehicle turned towards West Riverbank Road from under the bridge. From a distance he saw the officers inspecting cars and suddenly turned the steering wheel. He turned right and entered the [courtyard of] the South Central Police Station on the side of the road, and drove straight into the covered parking area.
      The duty officer saw what was happening and came forward to ask, "Are you here to conduct some business?" To his surprise, the man opened the vehicle door, jumped out and ran off. Such unusual behavior got the officer's attention, so he chased off after him.
      But the man climbed over the wall in two or three seconds and disappeared without a trace.
      The officer thereupon inspected the vehicle the man had been driving and discovered it had a counterfeit license plate, so there was no way to get information about the owner. The officer locked down the steering wheel in preparation for further investigation.
      About 10:00 the next morning, the man returned to the South Central Police Station to get his car, but since it was locked down he was unable to drive off. As he sat there thinking what to do, the police came up and detained him.
      Inquiry revealed that the man is a Mr. Luo, age 41, a resident of Xincheng County, Guangxi.
      The police investigation indicated that this was a scrap vehicle that Mr. Luo had purchased for 6,000 Yuan (≈$960), so there was no further record of it. Mr. Luo had fabricated the license plate in order to drive the vehicle on the road. He had panicked when he saw the police vehicle inspection that evening and had driven into the South-Central Police Station thinking he could lie low there until the inspection was over. To his surprise an officer had started asking questions as soon as he parked the car. He got scared and took off.
      Currently the police are further investigating Mr. Luo and are seeking to determine whether this is a stolen vehicle.

Liuzhou Evening News, 2012-11-17
2. Liuzhou Man's Bankbooks Sprout Wings, Fly Away

      It's rare for a husband and wife not to each have their own private stash of money around the house. But if a spouse loses his or her stash, whether to ask the other about it is a byzantine question. On the morning of the 7th, that's exactly what happened to one couple.
      Mr. Gao's home is in a certain residential community on Pingshan Avenue. As he was preparing to go out on the morning of the 7th, he noticed that the weather had turned cold, so he went to the wardrobe to get some warmer clothes to wear. He was feeling around in the back of the wardrobe without really thinking about it when, nothing! The 4 bankbooks he kept there were gone. This was Mr. Gao's personal stash, his life savings, all together more than 100,000 Yuan (≈$16,000). He was so scared he broke into a cold sweat when he found the money was gone, but he didn't dare tell his wife. He chose instead to call the police.
      During an investigation at the scene, officers noted that the windows in the home had not been broken. There was no trace of a break-in or any indication that someone had rummaged through the place, so it did not appear to have been a burglary.  "Could your wife have taken them without telling you?" the officers asked. "Impossible. She most certainly didn't know about this. If she had," Mr. Gao patted his chest and said, "she would've asked me for money long before now."
      Well, that's weird. If there's no problem with the door or windows, does that mean the bankbooks sprouted wings and flew away? Just at that moment someone pushed open the door. It was Mr. Gao's wife, Ms. Xu, coming home. She wasn't surprised to see the police officers and coolly asked, "What, is your money gone, Old Gao?" The hidden meaning in these words made Mr. Gao's face turn red. So his wife had taken the money after all. It turned out that Ms. Xu had noticed the weather turning cold. Out of concern for her husband, she had gone through some winter clothes to put in his wardrobe and accidently discovered the bankbooks. He's actually got that much money stashed away! Ms. Xu had hidden the bankbooks to teach her husband a "lesson", and at the same time to "test" whether he would tell her the truth. Just as she'd thought, her husband hadn't dared tell her.
      While she was "teaching lessons" to her husband, Ms. Xu handed the 4 bankbooks back to him as though she were counting them out: "It's good for you to save money." "We're one family and I won't be mad." "Don't imagine that I'm so unreasonable." "The police tell us that it's safer to keep our money separate." Seeing how magnanimous his wife was, Mr. Gao was ashamed that he'd been so petty. He repeatedly apologized to her and offered to return the money to her for keeping. When she turned aside, Ms. Xu surreptitiously smiled in satisfaction.
      It can make life interesting for spouses to have little secrets. It costs more than it's worth for one to blow up over the other's private stash. Spouses should trust one another.

Liuzhou Online, 2012-11-9
3. Strange Doings: Burglar Steals Nothing but a Dog

      A burglar enters the room. The thief doesn't want cash, the computer or other valuables, but only takes the owner's pet. Liuzhou resident Ms. Zhou called the police when she suffered the loss of her much loved pet dog.  A thorough investigation by the officers surprisingly revealed that the person who stole the dog was Chen X, a good friend who had often come visiting at Ms. Zhou's home.
      Ms. Zhou, who lives on the first floor of a community on Glory Nouveau Road, was raising a poodle. She left her pet at home when she went to work on the morning of November 3rd, but when she returned home in the afternoon after getting off work, she discovered the place had been ransacked. Her computer, cash and other valuables had not been taken, but her beloved pet dog was missing.
      Ms. Zhou dialed [the emergency number] 110. Officers from the Fish Peak Government Building Police Station arrived at the scene, and Ms. Zhou shed tears of sorrow as she told the officers that her poodle had been stolen. Investigating the scene, the officers noted that the lock on the door of Ms. Zhou's home was not broken, but the veranda window had not been locked. They supposed that the perpetrator had entered through the veranda window to commit the crime.
      The officers went to the Community Office with Ms. Zhou to look at security tapes. The tapes showed that about 12 noon that day, a woman had entered Ms. Zhou's home through the veranda window. Ms. Zhou knew at a glance that the woman was a friend of her mother's named Ms. Chen. She often came to visit and liked the poodle very much.
      The police then accompanied Ms. Zhou to the community where Chen X lives. The officers had to knock on Chen X's door for a long time before she answered. Faced with officers who had come to conduct an investigation, Ms. Chen feigned being wrongly accused. She claimed that "the dog is at your place, so why have you come here to my home looking for it?"
      The officers entered Chen X's place to search and found Ms. Zhou's stolen pet dog in a cabinet. In view of this evidence, Chen X finally had no choice but to admit what she had done. She claimed she had done it because she liked the dog so much.

      If you like dogs you can buy one of your own, and build a relationship with it. Chen X committed this act for a pet, but she may never again be able to see the poodle she loves so much.

Liuzhou Online, 2012-11-05 
4. Liuzhou Senior Falls for "Secret Formula"
Fake Medicine Seller Said It's Not Harmful

      Most city residents probably wouldn't believe in a "secret ancestral formula" being touted on the side of the road as a cure for otherwise untreatable illnesses, but a few incautious oldsters are easily taken in. Yesterday an old grandmother lost 1,000 Yuan (≈$160) because of this, but police officers responding to the report caught a different fake medicine seller.
      On the 22nd of this month, in the morning, members of the public reported to police that someone was selling a so-called "secret ancestral formula" on the side of the road. An oldster who had come forward to take two of the pills as a test felt that her perceptions had become a bit cloudy. When she made to leave, the seller blocked her way and forced her to pay 1,000 bucks for the pills. Feeling that she had been conned, the old lady called the police with help from nearby members of the public.
      Officers rushed to the scene upon receiving the report. They took the old lady around looking for the youth who had been selling medicine just then, but he was already gone when they got to the place where his display had been set up. The officers thereupon searched the vicinity and discovered another youth selling medicine from a display on the street. In his display he had set out spice boxes containing tree bark, grass roots and other articles similar to Chinese medicines. What he claimed to be an "ancestral formula" had been made by blending some medicinal powders with water. He put the stuff in small bottles and sold each bottle for 96 Yuan (≈$15.37). These fellows hyped the stuff with completely incredible claims that their "secret ancestral formula" was especially useful for the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism and other "senior afflictions."
      Seeing what was happening, the officers moved directly to detain the man selling the medicine and another man whose job was handing out leaflets. A third man had seen trouble coming and had run. But a show-up before the old lady revealed that these fellows were not the ones who had scammed her.
      Through questioning, the officers learned that the medicine vendor in custody is a Mr. Wei, 24, and the man handing out leaflets is Wei X, just 6 days shy of 18. Both are from Liu River County.
      The two confessed that they previously made their living by selling vegetables in Liu River. Over time they saw a lot of people, especially old people, get swindled by the so-called "secret ancestral formula" scam. It looked profitable, so Wei X and other guys went to a drug store and bought some Chinese medicines, like dried herbs, and some Western medicines, and mixed them together with water to make the so-called "secret ancestral formula". As for exactly what Western medicines they bought, they themselves didn't know for certain.
      Wei X and the others claimed that even if the stuff couldn't cure anything, at least it didn't do any harm. Everyone says, "All medicines have side effects," but a few people are not only blinded by greed but are also completely ignorant. Currently these two have been handed over for processing, but we remind city residents not be so credulous about so-called secret formulas, and especially to pass this idea on to older members of the family.

Liuzhou Online, 2012-11-24  
5. Vice Mayor Hears Complaints and Petitions, Solves Problems

      On the afternoon of the day before yesterday Hu Minglang, the Vice Mayor of Liuzhou and the Assistant Chief of the Public Security Bureau, received visiting members of the public in person at the Prefectural Complaint Department. He listened to problems reported by the public and resolved them on the spot by coordinating [sic].
      One member of the public, Ms. Tan, 55, a resident of Liuzhou who lives on Rongjun Road in Fish Peak District, reported that she got divorced in 2009 and is childless. Living in an urban area without a home of her own and without a family, and now gradually getting older, the normal activities of daily life are not convenient for her. She was requesting a transfer of her residence permit to the place where she was formerly registered,… [a village] in Luorong Township, Fish Peak District, where she could rely on her nephew for assistance. People from 30 out of 32 families residing there had already signed their names agreeing to the transfer. Hu Minglang took notes as he listened. Once he understood the situation, he patiently explained the relevant government policies to Ms. Tan. He also requested Luorong Township to thoroughly investigate the matter; to diligently analyze Ms. Tan's situation and, in accordance with the relevant laws and government policies and regulations, to do its work in detailed and realistic fashion, fairly and justly, and give Ms. Tan a reasonable answer.
      Next, Hu Minglang listened to Ms. Xun, 54, a teacher of fine arts and carving at the city's Number 46 Middle School (subsidiary primary school). She reported that her job title prohibited her from participating in the evaluation "High Level High School Teachers in Elementary Schools", and she was applying for an exception. Hu Minglang requested the relevant government departments to take the problems reported by members of the public seriously, while also increasing supervision of their employees' education; and to be more thoughtful of the public and be more considerate of the public benefit. What can be solved should be solved, and the work of providing relevant explanations for what can't be solved should be performed well, to give the public reasonable formulations and satisfactory answers.

Liuzhou Online, 2012-11-24, Source: Liuzhou Daily News
6. Next-Door Worker Gets Change
Relies on Familiar Face to Work Scam
In Fact She Had Quit Last Month

Probationary Reporter Yang Beibei, Dispatch to the Evening News
      The owners of neighboring shops basically recognize each another, and it's common to see them making change for one another. But on the 14th, after the clerk in a drugstore had loaned 400 Yuan in change (≈$64) to the cashier of a neighboring store, she waited a long time and the cashier still hadn't returned the money. What had happened?
      "A grocery store needs a lot of change. Do you have change?" At 1:00 on the afternoon of the 14th, A-Ling (name changed) was working at a small store on Sponge Rock Road. She greeted a "familiar person", A-Hua (name changed), who had been working as a cashier at the store next door and had come in again to get some change. It's common for employees of the two stores to make change for one another because they have the same boss, so A-Ling loaned 400 Yuan in change to A-Hua. She told A-Hua to "repay it before 1:30," but by 2:00 she still hadn't come over to do so. The store manager came in after a while and A-Ling immediately told him what had happened. "She hasn't worked here for a long time." It turned out that A-Hua had quit a month ago. When A-Ling realized she'd been duped, she called the police right away.
      When officers at the West Goose Precinct got the report, they used technology to track down where A-Hua was very quickly. They arrested her that afternoon at a hostel on Innovation Road. A-Hua, whose surname is Li, is from High Town in Liu River County. She had quit last month and gone to Guangzhou for a temporary job. She worked for over a month but didn't make any money and returned to Liuzhou. When she got back she couldn't find a job and didn't have much money left. She thought of how she had often gone next door to get change in her previous job as a cashier, and that's how this story started.
      At this writing, the police in accordance with law have given the suspect Li X 7 days administrative detention for fraud.

Liuzhou Evening News, 2012-11-17
7. Hebei Man Dumps Wife, Crosses Provincial Border
Comes to Laibin for Multi-Level Marketing

      Everyone knows how pernicious multi-level marketing* is, but some law-breakers dress it up as "direct marketing" in order to hoodwink people and brainwash them into a trap. Today a woman from Chengde City in Hebei Province came to personnel at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Laibin City looking for help. It seems that her husband was deceived into joining a multi-level marketing group and, just as their son turned eight months old, he cast her aside and came to Laibin.
      The woman's name is Chen Mei. As she explained it, she and her husband had opened a variety store at home to see how it would work out. Business was pretty good and the family was getting along quite satisfactorily. Just over a month ago her husband pretended he was going to a friend's home and took off. A little later she got a text message from him saying that he'd gotten on a train headed for Laibin. He told her not to have the family look for him, and that she should take care of herself and their 8-month-old son.
     According to Chen Mei's recollection, in recent days her husband, who had not previously enjoyed getting online, was suddenly always sitting in front of the computer. And he had searched for "direct sales, yes or no". Later on Chen Mei looked at the web page and thought it was probably just a multi-level marketing scheme. She told him definitely not to do it and he said he was just looking. Only when she received his text message did she realize that her husband had most likely been taken in by multi-level marketing hucksters.
       After [her husband] Wei got to Laibin, he phoned her and said he had opened a building materials shop on Westside Bridge Street there. Business was great and he hoped his wife could come down and help out. But he only told her what streets to take to get there, without giving the specific address.
      When Chen Mei came to Laibin in mid-October, Wei met her at the train station. "When he met me, there were two people following along behind him."
      Chen Mei said that when they met, he asked her repeatedly whether she wanted to join in the "direct marketing"; she took out a video of their son but her husband just looked without seeing it. Having no other way to get through to him, Chen Mei couldn't keep herself from shoving Wei. She couldn't believe it when he said ruthlessly: "If you bump me again, I'll report you to the police!"
      She saw that there was no hope of taking her husband home. When she got home she joined a QQ** group "Chinese Anti-Multi-Level Marketing Association". She found that many people in the group had had experiences similar to her own. Chen Mei hoped to better understand the inner workings of multi-level marketing so she could get her husband back home. But since the last time she saw him he has not phoned her, and she has not been able to get through on the number she previously used to contact him.
      Because it was not clear which multi-level marketing group her husband was with, Chen Mei decided to go to the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry for help. The leads she offered were not explicit, however. Law enforcement personnel are unable render assistance without concrete leads to follow. Chamber of Commerce and Industry personnel indicated that if you want to save loved ones who have fallen into the multi-level marketing trap, you need to search out the precise location, and the patterns of their comings and goings and activities, and accurately report that information to the Public Security Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who will proceed with the rescue.
* "Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit." (See
** QQ is an instant messaging computer program which is very popular in China. (See

Liuzhou Online, 2012-10-30
8. Furtively Peddling Money
Plaza Police Station Officers' Thoroughness Breaks Case

Reporter Li Lan, Correspondent Xu Wenqiu, Dispatch to the Evening News
      "Want some old-style RMB?" [Chinese currency.] During the long National Day holiday, two young men hid in a crowd peddling money in low voices. On the afternoon of October 5th, officers on patrol from the Plaza Police Station discovered the two suspicious young men. They learned through interrogation that the two were suspects in a felony burglary. And then they toppled a burglary ring that had been committing crimes outside Liuzhou.
      Appropriately for the start of the long National Day Holiday, all of the officers and deputies on day and night patrol at the Plaza Police Station set up roadblock check-points for rapid, limited-scope investigations, a practical way to increase the strength of patrol investigations on the streets. On the afternoon of October 5th, at a little after 4 o'clock, the head of the Plaza Police Station, Hu Maowen, was leading Deputies Lei Tao, Huang Qianfeng and others on guard patrol near the Galaxy Building. They came upon two young men in the process of hawking wads of never-used, old style RMB notes to pedestrians. The two young men were acting furtively, their manner very suspicious. The officers immediately went up and stopped them for questioning as authorized by law.
      Investigation revealed that a black plastic bag the young men had with them contained specialty tools for breaking open doors. Also, they could not explain how they came to have over 4,000 Yuan [≈$640] in cash, as well as a platinum necklace, a Chanel watch and other goods that were also in the bag. Relying on their extensive experience in such matters, the officers judged them to be felony theft suspects and immediately restrained them, and took them back to the station for questioning.
      At the station, the two men gave statements reciting the facts of a burglary they committed on the evening of September 9th of this year in collusion with another person from their home town. That evening the three suspects broke into the Financial Affairs Office of the Market Development Service Center in Heshan Town, breaking and entering to commit burglary, and carried off a gray-colored safe. Later they broke open the safe's door and expropriated over 6,800 Yuan RMB [≈$1,088] contained within, as well as a platinum necklace, a Chanel watch and old-style RMB notes valuable as collector's items, and other things. The items had a total value of about 37,000 Yuan [≈$5,920]. Questioning further revealed that the two suspects, named Lan __ Cai (male, age 16) and Meng __ (male, age 22), are both from Heshan and both have several prior convictions for burglary.
      The two suspects also recounted the facts of several other crimes of theft that they recently committed in Heshan and other places. It also appears that, after the two suspects were handed over to the Criminal Investigation Unit, officers capped off their victory by following clues the suspects provided to arrest and bring to justice in Heshan one Meng __ Liang, who had colluded with the two in the burglary of the Financial Affairs Office of the Heshan Market Development Service Center, thereby successfully toppling this burglary gang.
      As of now the three criminal suspects have been placed in criminal detention. The case is under further investigation.

Liuzhou Evening News, 2012-10-08
9. "Swordplay" in Bank, Man Won't Leave Without "Road Money"
Has History of Mental Illness, Admitted to Hospital for Treatment

Reporter Li Jie, Correspondent Jiang Youming, Dispatch to the Evening News
      On the morning of the 2nd, a thrilling scene of "swashbuckling" action played out inside a bank on Gubu Road. A man about 50 years old came to the bank and demanded 20,000 Yuan (≈$3,200) traveling money. After he was detained by bank personnel, he brought out a machete and steadily waved it around. Fortunately officers from the Pair of Horses Police Station rushed to the scene in timely fashion and subdued the man, so there were no casualties.
      At about 11 that morning, the man came to the bank carrying a basket of vegetables. He headed straight to the counter and said to the clerk: "I want 20,000 Yuan. I want to go to Shanghai." The clerk indicated that the man should present his bank card or the transaction could not be completed. The man suddenly fished a machete out of the basket and began waving it around. He kept yelling," I want road money. I want to go to Shanghai!" Bank security immediately requested all customers to leave the bank, then closed the security doors and called the police.
      At first the officers wanted to sneak up and take the basket, but the man felt them coming. He snatched the machete up from out of the basket and brandished it at the officers. Fortunately the officers were agile and avoided it.
      Bank personnel deceptively offered to "give you 20,000 Yuan" in order to distract the man. While the man was celebrating, the surrounding people took the opportunity to work together and subdue him.
      The man was addled and only spouted nonsense when the officers interrogated him for information about his background, so they took him to the East Ring Hospital. The officers understand that the man is named Tan and is from Liu River County. He has a history of mental illness. Currently the man has been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Liuzhou Evening News, 2012-11-04
10. Thought He Got Lucky, Ends Up in Panic
"Beauty" Embraces Him, Then Does About-Face
She Found He Only Had ¥40, Wasn't Enough

Correspondent Xu Wenqiu, Dispatch to the Evening News
      A young man met a beautiful girl on the street, and she treated him as affectionately as if he were a long-lost friend. But after she hugged him passionately she did an about face. Only after the young man had escaped her clutches, still confused and agitated, did he realize that his wallet was missing.
      A-Cao, a mere 24 years of age, is a good looking fellow who lives near Saddle Mountain. He has never had a serious girlfriend. On the evening of November 2nd at about 8:58, he was walking home after playing video games in an internet café. As he passed by Riverside Park, a beautiful woman about 30 years old walked directly up to him and, taking the initiative, greeted him with: "Hey, Handsome, long time no see. How you been lately?"  A-Cao was amazed by how forward the woman was. She kept on jabbering away, persistently inquiring how he was doing.
      A-Cao responded awkwardly. Try as he could, he couldn't remember who the heck the woman in front of him was, and he was too embarrassed to ask her. Presently the woman enthusiastically invited him to a nearby, dimly lit building to drink some tea and chat for a bit. A-Cao couldn't believe his good luck. He didn't have a girlfriend, after all, and he didn't want to pass up this chance with a beautiful woman.
      But then the beauty's boldness made A-Cao pale with fright. She grabbed him and hugged him passionately. A-Cao was caught by surprise and couldn't control himself. He took advantage of the situation to start feeling the beauty up. After a few seconds the woman let loose of A-Cao and did an abrupt about-face. She slapped him and told him to get the hell away from her, that he was trying to take advantage of her and she was going to call someone over to cut him down to size.
      Scared silly, A-Cao actually thought he saw someone behind him coming after him with a knife. He ran for his life, all the way to the entrance of the Jewelry Building on Dragon City Road. Still scared, he hid at the street corner a long time before he settled down. Then he noticed that his wallet, which he had had in his pants pocket, was gone. Only then did he reflect on what had happened. The beauty had embraced him so passionately just to search him for his wallet. When she found out his wallet only had 40 Yuan in it, she figured it wasn't enough, so she did an about face like she didn't recognize him, and told him to scram.
      After standing there a long time not knowing what to do, A-Cao finally dialed [the emergency number] 110 and reported the incident to the police. The police have taken steps to open a thorough investigation of the case.

Liuzhou Evening News, 2012-11-04
11. Whose Money Is This? Hurry and Claim It
Left before Thousand+ Yuan Was Deposited
Luckily Good Samaritan Called Police

Reporter Li Lan, Correspondent Pan Yujun, Dispatch to the Evening News
      On evening of the 1st, a woman used the no-card money transfer feature at a bank's automated teller machine. Then she received a phone call and, without checking to see whether the transaction had been completed, she turned away and left.
      Fortunately a Good Samaritan, a Ms. Chen, noticed the over 1,000 Yuan [≈$160+] that the woman had not been able to deposit in the automated teller. She called the police right away.
      At 10:30 p.m. on the 1st, the Good Samaritan Ms. Chen came to the Communications Bank located at the entrance of Peninsula Central Garden on North Sparrow Road to withdraw some money. A middle aged woman about 40 years old was in front of her operating the automated teller. Suddenly the woman received a phone call and left the bank in a rush.
      Ms. Chen then went ahead and started to operate the machine, but was astonished to find that it still held over 1,000 Yuan in cash that had not been verified by the system.
      Ms. Chen called the police without delay. Officers from the Yellow Village Police Station received the call and hurried over to investigate. They questioned nearby members of the public hoping to find the woman who had lost the money. They got no results, but they found the middle-aged woman's image on security tapes. But who is this woman? For the time being no one has a way to find out.
      Police officers hope that the woman will see the report in the Evening News and come forward to the Yellow Village Police Station with her ID to claim the money.

Liuzhou Evening News, 2012-11-04

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 7. Man in Multi-level Marketing Scam
 8. Furtively Peddling Money
 9. Man with Sword Demands Money
10. Thought He Got Lucky with "Beauty"
11. Whose Money Is It? Hurry and Claim It!

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