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1. Addict Smashes Truck Windows to Steal Tools
Alarm Sounds and Thief is Arrested

Reporter Kongde Fang, Dispatch to the Evening News
      Shortly after 7 o'clock yesterday morning Miss Zhang, from a certain construction and installation company, heard the alarm on the high-canopy truck she had parked by the roadside. A lot of construction tools were stored in the truck for safekeeping, and their loss would be huge. She immediately phoned her co-workers in the employee dormitory and rushed to the parking space with them.
      They saw a thin, dark-complected man holding two electric drills that had just been taken from the truck. The glass in the truck's left and right side windows had been thoroughly smashed. Pieces of glass stuck to anti-shatter membrane had fallen to the ground. Miss Zhang and her co-workers shouted, "What are you doing?" The man just stood there and didn't run, so they called the police emergency number 110 right away.
      Investigation revealed that the man, a Mr. Hu, is a drug addict. He was going through withdrawal but didn't have any money to buy the "antidote". Early in the morning he brought a hammer and other tools of the criminal's trade to South One Village on Victory Road to look for something to steal. He saw that the rear seat of Miss Zhang's truck had been removed and the area was filled to the brim with valuable construction tools, so he smashed the windows to take the tools and sell them. Mr. Hu has now been transferred to the Victory Road Precinct for further processing.

Liuzhou Evening News, 2013-07-20, p. 10
2. 11-Year-Old Forced to Steal, Two Instigators Escape
Police Remind Parents to Increase Discipline over Summer to Avoid Delinquency

Reporter Li Jie, Correspondents Chen Xuemei, Min Yuanzhen, Dispatch to the Evening News
      When summer vacation arrives and kids are relaxed and having fun, parents need to watch their children closely and teach them not to talk to or play with strangers. Yesterday afternoon the Red Light Police Affairs Kiosk handled the case of an 11-year-old child who was enticed into stealing money because there was no one taking care of him.
      "You little man-child, at your young age you should be hitting the books, but you come here to steal money!" At two o'clock in the afternoon, an officer from the Red Light Police Affairs Kiosk rushed to a pharmacy under the Red Light Bridge and found the clerk lecturing an eleven or twelve-year-old boy.
      The boy, who sources indicate is named Wei, 11, was hanging his head and there were tears in his eyes. That afternoon he had come to the pharmacy with two other juveniles, ages about 15. He was caught while they were prying open the coin slot on a kiddie car ride by the front door to steal the coins.
      "I know stealing is against the law, but I was afraid they'd beat me...." Wei burst into tears and told the truth. It seems that his parents both work in the Jilong Industrial Park in Willow River County. When summer vacation started, there was no one at home to take care of him. That morning, for fun, he had taken a bus to Liuzhou by himself. As he was strolling along Calligraphy Brush Road, he met two long-haired boys, each about 15 years old.
      When the two teenagers saw that Wei was alone, they approached him and struck up a conversation. They invited him to have a cup of tea, then led him to the pharmacy under Red Light Bridge.
      "Let's hustle up some money to get something to eat. You help us make sure the coast is clear. When we get the chance, we'll pry open the coin slot and you get the money out real quick." The two young men pointed to the kiddie car by the door as they said this to Wei. "What, what're you saying? That's against the law!" But as Wei was protesting, "pow, pow", one of the juveniles slapped him quickly twice. "If you don't help us," he threatened, we'll beat you to death!" Wei was afraid of being hit again, so he had to join in and help them.
      The two [older boys] forced open the coin slot without delay. Just as Wei was reaching for the money, a store clerk suddenly appeared and grabbed him. The two teenagers ran away.
      Seeing that Wei was still very young and that he had been threatened, the officer began to comfort and educate him. Wei cried bitterly and admitted his mistake, but things turned awkward when the officer contacted his parents. They made excuses that they were too busy at work and simply had no time to take care of or educate the boy. They couldn't even get time off to come and pick him up. The officer contacted them several times and, finally, Wei's uncle showed up to take him home.
      The police remind everyone that when children are left unaccompanied during summer vacation, parents should make sure to give them appropriate instructions. Children should be reminded to pay attention to personal safety when they go out, not to talk to strangers, and especially not to play with strangers, so that the children will not be led astray.

Liuzhou Evening News, 2013-07-27 , p. 6
3. Man Visits "Aged" Fallen Woman, Wants Discount, Refuses to Pay
Woman Calls Police for Opinion, Pair Arrested as Result

Reporter Xiao Jun, Intern Tu Junlan, Correspondent Wei Guangdong, Dispatch to the Evening News
      After completing their carnal transaction, a 30-year-old john happened to find out that the fallen woman was 49 years old. He immediately asked for a discount and, upon being refused, determined that he had been "wronged" and refused to pay. In a fit of pique, the prostitute called the police to seek an explanation of the law. On the evening of July 25, officers arrived at the scene to investigate and discovered that the two were in a dispute over a carnal transaction, so they "invited" both of them to the station.
      That evening, the New Town Police Station had received a call from a woman saying that a man had purchased something from her and was refusing to pay. Upon receipt of the call, officers rushed directly to the Police Kiosk on Polished Stone Road. During the investigation they were stunned to learn that the so-called "business deal" between a man and a woman was a carnal transaction. As a result, they took both parties to the station for investigation.
      The investigation revealed that the parties are a Mr. Li and a Ms. Heh. Mr. Li explained that he is from Wuxuan County [to the south of Liuzhou]. That evening he had been hanging out around Polished Stone Road. As he was passing by a small shop, he couldn't resist the enthusiastic "greeting" from the proprietress and went inside. He then waited in a small room for an "attendant" to come and provide special services. In short order the proprietress called Ms. Heh in. Although the room was dimly lit and neither he nor she could see what the other looked like, they were itching to get on with it and engaged in an illicit sexual act. When they were done, Ms. Heh put on her clothes and walked out of the room, but an ID card accidently fell from her pocket. Mr. Li was right behind her and bent down to pick it up. He happened to glance at it, and almost screamed when he saw that the card stated Ms. Heh's birth year was 1964.
      Mr. Li had never imagined Ms. Heh, the woman who had engaged in a carnal transaction with him, was a 49-year-old "aged" person, fully 19 years older than himself. He decided that he had been "wronged" and demanded that the price originally agreed to between he and Ms. Heh be discounted. "You're old enough to be my mom. If I'd known I never would have done it." "But you did do it, and when there's an agreement up front, you can't reduce it even a penny after the fact!" No matter what Mr. Li said, Ms. Heh wouldn't agree to give him a discount. Mr. Li felt that Ms. Heh had deceived him and refused to pay. That upset Ms. Heh so much that she called the police to request an explanation of the law. Both parties have now been placed in administrative detention by the police, in accordance with the law, on suspicion of prostitution.

Liuzhou Evening News, 2013-07-27, p. 6
4. Security Guard Accosts Girl in Stairwell
Investigation Reveals Record for Murder and Robbery

      Security personnel are different than regular workers, so security companies need to check the character of the guards they hire and verify whether their employees have criminal records. Nevertheless, on July 14 at a community in Willow City [near Liuzhou], a male security guard accosted a 13-year-old girl named Dawn in a stairwell. The guard, who has a criminal record, has now been sentenced to 10 days detention.
      At about noon on that day, Dawn, who lives in the town of Willow City, visited a certain community to play with a friend, Little Zhang. When she arrived at the entry to the stairway in the building where Zhang lives, she heard footsteps and a middle-aged guard came up to help her open the security gate. Subsequently the guard followed her into the building. When they were halfway up the stairs the guard suddenly asked her, "Are you short of spending money? I can give you some." Dawn shook her head and didn't say anything to him.
      When she didn't respond, the guard, with evil intent, grabbed Dawn around the waist and tried to drag her toward the landing. This frightened her and she struggled fiercely. Seeing that he couldn't move her, the guard used his other hand to grope her breasts. Dawn was too scared to shout, and the two were deadlocked as they struggled up the stairs. When they got to the third floor, the guard saw some contractors working in one of the condos and quickly let go of her, but he made Dawn save his number on her cell phone before he let her leave.
      After she got out of his clutches, Dawn went up to the 4th floor. She found Zhang and tearfully told her what she had just gone through. Zhang's father located the guard and questioned him, but he wouldn't admit to anything. Zhang's father then notified Dawn's sister-in-law and had her take the girl to file a police report right away.
      After the Big Pier Precinct of the County of Willow City Public Security Bureau received the report, officers brought the guard suspected of molesting the girl in to the station to initiate an investigation. The guard is reportedly a Mr. Peng, aged 47. He was found guilty of intentional murder in 1983 and given a commutable death sentence. [Under Chinese law, this is a death sentence which will be reduced to a prison term if the convicted criminal shows remorse and good behavior for two years – Fannyi]. In 2002 he was released from prison. In 2003 he was found guilty of robbery and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, and was released upon completion of the sentence in 2006.
      Under questioning, Mr. Peng argued that he had stepped forward with good intentions to help Dawn and had not done anything wrong. After patient encouragement by the police, and in the face a large amount of factual evidence, Mr. Peng eventually admitted that his actions amounted to accosting Dawn.
      In the end, commensurate with the circumstances of the case and the degree of harm, the police decided to penalize the suspect Mr. Peng with a sentence of 10 days detention for accosting a child.

Liuzhou Online, 2013-7-17 
5. "Help Me" and Help Yourself to 6 Years Hard Time

Reporter Li Lan, Correspondent Xian Niwen, Dispatch to the Evening News
      Does a person who helps his "brother" find men with knives for a gang fight, but does not personally join in the fight, bear any responsibility at all? Mr. Liu will have all six years of his sentence to answer this question.
      November 1, 2010, at about 7:00 pm, because his girlfriend was in a dispute with someone, Mr. Tan (already sentenced) got into an angry confrontation with Young Wei in front of a store on Liu-Yong Road. Mr. Tan contacted his brother Tan X and his good friend Mr. Liu, and asked them gather knives and some more men. Mr. Liu recruited Wei X right away, and the trio rushed to the scene carrying two melon-carving knives and a knife with a cow horn handle. In the meantime, Young Wei also called some friends to come to a knife fight. Young Wei saw Tan X and the others arrive and walk toward Mr. Tan holding toothed knives. Tan X stopped and stood in front of his brother with a melon knife in his hand.
      Then the fight started…. Young Wei jabbed Tan X ferociously in the belly with a toothed knife, and Tan X chopped at Young Wei's head and back with a melon knife. Mr. Tan rushed towards Young Wei and stabbed him twice in the back with the horn-handled knife.
      Another friend of Mr. Tan's, Mr. Xiong, stood to one side waving a watermelon knife, preventing Young Wei's friends from stepping in to help. Afterwards Tan X and Young Wei were rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment while Mr. Liu fled the scene with Mr. Tan, Mr. Xiong and the others. Young Wei's treatment was unsuccessful and he died. Tan X was also seriously wounded.
      Public Security officers captured Mr. Liu on March 22, 2013, at about 10:00 a.m.
      After determining the facts, the South Liuzhou Court found that Mr. Liu had conspired with Mr. Tan and others in armed intentional injury, resulting in one death, which constitutes the crime of intentional mayhem. In the conspiracy, Mr. Liu responded to Mr. Tan's request and helped him gather knives and recruit an accomplice, Wei X, but in the course of the criminal battle he did not directly participate in the beating of Mr. Wei. He was an accessory, with only an auxiliary or secondary function, and a lenient punishment was consistent with the law. The victim Young Wei bore much of the guilt of initiating the incident in this case, so under the law [the court] had discretion to give Mr. Liu a lenient sentence. After he was brought to justice, Mr. Liu truthfully confessed his guilt, paid compensation for part of the economic losses of the victim's family and was absolved by them, which also allowed discretion for a light punishment under the law. The judgment described above was issued accordingly.

Liuzhou Evening News, 2013-08-22, p.8
6. Late Night Fight over Girlfriend?
2 Men Actually Fought Over Something Else

Reporter Sun Yue, Correspondent Guo Hao, Dispatch to the Evening News
      "Two men have started fighting here. It looks like they're fighting over a girlfriend." Early in the morning yesterday, at about three o'clock, two men got into an intense dispute in front of a massage parlor on Aviation Life Road. A woman standing off to the side kept trying to stop the fight. A passer-by saw what was happening and dialed the police crime-report number.
      Officers from the Aviation Life Road Police Affairs Station rushed to the scene upon receipt of the call. Two men were indeed having a confrontation in front of the massage parlor, and another person, a woman, was persistently trying to get them to cool down. The officers immediately stepped forward to pull the men apart. They questioned the two and learned they are from the same village in Fujian Province, and they really weren't arguing over a girlfriend. One of the men had opened the massage parlor, and the other was helping to manage it.
      That evening, the owner had come to inspect the massage parlor and discovered the door open and the lights on, but no one inside. Right then and there the owner got mad and called the manager and the workers in. "I pay you to watch over the place. You need to be responsible." During the ensuing exchange the two parties got angrier and angrier, and one of the girls from the shop came out to calm them down.
      The two men told the officers that they are from the same village and can resolve the matter themselves. They promised that they wouldn't fight outdoors any more.

Liuzhou Evening News, 2013-07-25, p. 11
7. Passing Car Starts Fight
Saying "Crazy Driver" Results in Stabbing

Reporter Kong Defang, Correspondent Deng Jiebin, Dispatch to the Evening News
      Many drivers, when they encounter people who don't obey the traffic laws for changing lanes and passing, can't help but say, "Watch how you're driving!" Yesterday afternoon, after 38-year-old Mr. Liao shouted something like that, he was pulled over and stabbed by the other driver. He was cut through the thenar space (between the thumb and index finger), severing the nerve.
      At about 2:00 yesterday afternoon, Mr. Liao was driving a Jetta along Butterfly Mountain Road. Suddenly, a Wuling minivan which had been traveling on his left side turned directly in front of him. Since the two cars were going about same speed, Mr. Liao slammed on his brakes, barely avoiding a rear-end collision. Mr. Liu thought the minivan would keep going straight, but its left turn signal unexpectedly started to blink. This confused Mr. Liao: Since you're turning left, why cut in in front of me?" He immediately yelled at the guy through the window, "Watch how you drive!" Then he left.
      Mr. Liao drove to the vicinity of the 158 Hospital and was surprised to see that the minivan was following him. While he was waiting at a red light, a man got out of the minivan and came up to Mr. Liao's window. He knocked on the window and Mr. Liao, thinking that it was no big deal, that they would at most exchange a word or two, rolled the window down a third of the way.
      "What do you mean, talking so arrogant?" The man spat out the question. Mr. Liu suggested that the really arrogant thing was the way the guy had been driving. They had been arguing for 20 seconds when another man, about 30, got out of the minivan. He was holding a dagger and said "I'm going to stab you to death" as he jabbed at Mr. Liao. Mr. Liao saw it coming and straightaway stuck out his hand to block it. The thenar area of his left hand was cut right through. Worried that the man would strike again, he seized an opportunity to grab the man's wrist with his injured his left hand and the blade with his right, while telling a friend in his vehicle to note the other guy's car license plate number and call 110 [the police emergency number].
      The man immediately pulled back the knife when he heard that, and Mr. Liu's hand suffered another cut. As they were leaving, the man still kept shouting, "I'll stab you to death!" Since Mr. Yu Liao was seriously injured and couldn't drive, he could only watch as the men sped away.
      Officers from the Liu-Shi Police Affairs Station rushed to the scene and took Mr. Liao to a hospital for treatment. He was diagnosed with a sliced thenar area of his left hand, severing the nerves. The case has now been turned over to the Precinct for further processing.

Liuzhou Evening News, 2013-07-24, p. 6
8. Man Scolded by Girlfriend Thrusts Knife to Neck
Really Truly Terrifying Behavior

Reporter Xiao Jun, Intern Tu Junlan, Correspondent Lai Shiming, Dispatch to the Evening News
      Two young people, Mr. Mo and Miss Huang, had been in love for more than a year. They seemed to be joined at the hip, and had moved in together not long ago. But there was one thing Miss Huang never expected. When she was being coquettish, just playing around, her boyfriend suddenly rushed into the kitchen, picked up a knife and thrust it at his own neck, saying, "I would die for you." His actions scared Miss Huang and his parents senseless, so they called the police right away to deal with him.
      "Officer, my son wants to commit suicide, come quickly!" Early in the morning on July 23, the New City Police Precinct received a call from a Ms. Zhang requesting assistance. She said her son was holding a paring knife to his throat and wanted to commit suicide. Officers rushed to Ms. Zhang's residence on Ancient Pavilion Avenue immediately upon receiving the call. Inside they saw a young man, approximately 20 years old, thrusting a paring knife at his throat. There were several lacerations on his neck. The man was crying and saying: "I do love you, I really do love you." Off to one side a young woman was so scared that all the color had drained from her face. The officers tried to talk some sense into the man and, after he calmed down a bit, they snatched the knife away from him. They took him in to the station to prevent him from committing suicide by some other means, and brought the young women along as well for questioning.
      During the investigation, the police learned that the man's name is Mr. Mo. He is 20 years old, and both he and Miss Huang are students at a certain vocational school. They had associated with one another as fellow students for some time, and began to have feelings for each other, then started dating last year. Two weeks ago, with his parent's permission, Miss Huang had moved in with the family. Since then they had stuck together like glue. The two watched movies and played games in their room on the evening of July 22, and continued straight through until the wee hours of the next morning. Then Miss Huang, feeling very tired and sleepy, coquettishly asked Mr. Mo, "Do you love me?" He immediately said he did, very much, but Miss Huang said, "I don't believe you love me." In fact she just wanted him to charm her by whispering sweet nothings in her ear. She was surprised when Mr. Mo, without another word, headed straight into the kitchen, picked up a paring knife and walked out to the living room, where his parents were still watching TV. When they saw he was carrying a paring knife, they thought he wanted to slice some fruit, but then they saw he was crying. He held the knife up to his neck and muttered, "I do love you," like he was chanting. Miss Huang was so frightened she didn't know what to do, and Ms. Zhang was also scared silly by her son's actions. She thought maybe he and his girlfriend had had a fight and he felt lost and wanted to commit suicide, so she immediately called the police.
      "I do love you, and I'd give up my life for you." At the precinct, Mr. Mo cried and poured his heart out to Miss Huang. Miss Huang, on the other hand, said that she and Mr. Mo had been going together for so long and had always liked each other. "I was just being a tease, and he picked up the knife and thrust it at his neck. What'll happen if we ever have a real fight?" She found Mr. Mo's extreme behavior incredible and hoped to spend some time apart from him to reconsider the relationship.
      Mr. Mo became agitated again, and an officer tried by himself to talk him round. Finally, Mr. Mo realized how impetuous and hot-headed he'd been. He also promised to wait until he and his girlfriend have both calmed down before dealing with the relationship issues.

Liuzhou Evening News, 2013-07-24, p. 9
9. Man Beats Wife for Talking Too Much
Beaten Woman Pleads with Police Officers
Begs Them to "Just Lock Him Up for Two Hours"

Reporter Xiao Jun, Intern Tu Junlan, Correspondent Tan Liusheng, Dispatch to the Evening News
      A-Xiu was beaten black and blue by her husband, A-Qiang, because of a family conflict. A member of the public called the police, and officers put an end to A-Qiang's violent actions. In a fit of anger, A-Xiu begged the officers to book A-Qiang. Just as the officers were about to levy a penalty on him, A-Xiu suddenly made another plea: "Officers, it'd be best if you just locked him up for two hours. Let him think about what he's done!"
      Recently, a member of the public called the police to report a family dispute occurring at a construction site in the town of Labao. [Construction workers often live on-site with their families – Fannyi.] A husband was chasing all around the site, beating his wife until she cried like a baby. Officers from the Labao Precinct arrived at the scene promptly after receiving the report, and sure enough, they saw a woman on the site, covered in ash, being chased and beaten by a man. The man completely ignored the officers' arrival, and didn't desist until the officers berated him.
      Sources indicate that the woman is called A-Xiu, and the man is her husband, A-Qiang. They are from Hunan Province, and only recently came to Labao to work in construction.
      That afternoon, A-Qiang had not come home for lunch. When he came home in the evening for dinner, he started in drinking before he ate anything. A-Xiu felt it was not a good idea to drink on an empty stomach and said something to him about it.
      A-Qiang paid her no mind and continued to drink. When she saw that her husband wouldn't listen to reason, A-Xiu started to nag him. A-Qiang was sleepy after working all day, but this made him angry and he grabbed A-Xiu and hit her. As she talked to the officers, A-Xiu's hair was a mess, her entire face was red and swollen from the beating, and blood was oozing from her mouth. Her clothes, which had been clean, were covered with ash because she had fallen while being beaten.
      The officers began to criticize A-Qiang severely for his violent behavior, but he remained silent. Seeing that her husband wasn't sorry in the least, A-Xiu asked that he be booked. "Lock him up, officers, he still doesn't know he was wrong." But then, just as the officers were about to penalize A-Qiang according to law, A-Xiu's heart softened. She told the officers that she hoped they would let him sit in the Precinct for two hours to reflect on his behavior. "Don't lock him up for too long, officers. I'm his wife, and I'm willing to let him beat me." The officers didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this. Possibly because he heard his wife pleading for him, A-Qiang was moved and spontaneously apologized to her.

Liuzhou Evening News, 2013-07-25, p. 14
10. They Used Weapons to Help Friend
Argument Drags in Gun Hoarder

Reporter Xiao Jun, Intern Zhou Liuning, Special Correspondent Zhou Liuning, Dispatch to the Evening News
     It was originally a simple quarrel, but Mr. Tan called on his friends Young Wei and Old Wei for help and support. One of the two friends brought a blade and the other a gun, scaring Mr. Dong so badly that he called the police for assistance. When officers from the Fish Peak Branch of the Public Security Bureau arrived at the scene, they ascertained that one of Mr. Tan's two friends, Old Wei, was suspected of illegal possession of a gun, but as they were getting ready to arrest him, they found that the gun was owned by someone else. They traced it and found that the owner is a Mr. Chen. Eventually, in accordance with law, Old Wei and Mr. Chen were placed in criminal detention by the police on suspicion of having a private stash of guns. Young Wei was sentenced to administrative detention on suspicion of illegal possession of a blade.
      On August 1 at noon, the Fish Peak Public Security Branch received a call from Mr. Dong requesting assistance: "I'm being beaten, Officer, come quickly!" Officers immediately rushed to the scene after receiving the call and saw three men surrounding Mr. Dong and arguing incessantly with him. Two of the men were armed, one with a machete and the other with a sand gun, a tool [used for polishing hard surfaces] capable of killing or maiming people. "Where'd you get this gun?" Old Wei hemmed and hawed under interrogation by the officers. "Carrying illegal weapons is a serious offence," an officer said. Old Wei panicked and quickly explained, "It's not mine, I borrowed it from a friend." He said the sand gun was borrowed from Mr. Chen.
      The police followed clues provided by Old Wei and found Mr. Chen. He seemed completely surprised when he saw the officers coming. When the officers explained why they were there, Mr. Chen complained loudly that he was being unjustly accused. "I bought the sand gun to keep at my place. I never thought anyone would take it out." That day at noon, he said, Old Wei came to his house and said he wanted to buy a sand gun. He wanted to borrow his sand gun to learn more about it. "I was playing mahjong. I didn't ask him for more information, I just loaned it to him. I didn't know he'd go and threaten someone. It was none of my business!" "None of your business?" The officers didn't know whether to laugh or cry at his ignorance of the law. Mr. Chen acknowledged further that he kept bullets at his home. The officers eventually confiscated the ammunition and also brought Mr. Chen in for investigation.
      Calling in the cavalry resulted in one of the guys receiving criminal detention and the other administrative detention. And further, a friend of a friend was dragged into it and also put under criminal detention. Mr. Tan was extremely regretful. His dispute with his boss Mr. Dong that day was in fact a trifling matter: They were arguing because Mr. Tan, an employee in Mr. Dong's car wash, had asked for a raise a few days ago and been refused; Subsequently, Mr. Dong suspected that Mr. Tan had made remarks that were not conducive to internal cohesion among the employees, so he'd given Mr. Tan a tongue-lashing. The argument between them flared up again at noon on the 1st, and Mr. Tan, feeling that he'd been bullied, called on Old Wei and Young Wei for back-up. He just didn't think that the two Weis would rush over armed with a gun and a blade.

Liuzhou Evening News, 2013-08-03, p. 3

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